Groovy Kitchen Tunes

Some foodies recommend fine wines to go with their recipes … well, I recommend music!

I think one of the best ways to keep yourself inspired in the kitchen is to think of the time you spend cooking as “my time”.  It’s time to pour yourself a glass of wine, send the kids elsewhere for a while, turn the irritating background noise of the TV off and turn your grooviest tunes on!

So, to keep your MP3 player full of new music, here are some of my favourite tracks to listen to while I’m adding a dollop of this and a drizzle of that to whatever I’m making at the time. I’ll be featuring a new track with just about every post to keep your kitchen the groovy chill out place it should be. Got an awesome track list already? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below. 


Sia – My Love

This song is by an Australian artist called Sia and featured on the Twilight Saga Eclipse soundtrack. It’s the song playing in the background when Edward asks Bella to marry him. A little corny, I know – but a very romantic moment and a truly amazing song. Google Sia and check out the rest of her music, she has an amazing voice.

The Freelance Whalers – Hannah

I came across this song on the Offspring soundtrack. I am totally addicted to this show and thought the music was amazing too! It’s kind of chilled and yet has this really cool rhythm to it. I think I love this song too, because it’s called Hannah, which is my favourite name . Hope you enjoy it as much as I do – although the video clip is a little weird :)

The Kaiser Chiefs – Never Miss a Beat

I highly recommend this rocking track my the Kaiser Chiefs. I got into this English indie rock band after the AFL started using this song for their footy promos. Love it!.

One Republic – Lullaby

One Republic is definitely a feature of my chill out playlist. Make sure you look up their albums – but one of my favourite songs is called Lullaby. It’s a song about home, about feeling safe and content. Have a listen below. It’s a really beautiful song.

The Jezerbels – Dark Storm

This song is a favourite of mine at the moment, as are The Jezerbels. It’s title is reflective of the weather here in Victoria at the moment, but there’s something warming and hopeful about it at the same time. Curl up on the couch tonight in front of the TV, pop a blanket over you and enjoy whatever meal you decide to whip up!

The Temper Trap – Fader

You know how sometimes you get in a dark mood and you just don’t think anything could break it? Well, as soon as this song comes on, I can’t help but smile. The Temper Trap is my new absolute favourite band right now, in and out of the kitchen! Their album Conditions was a big feature of the playlist at our engagement party in May. Their incredible!

Paramore – The Only Exception

This song was a favourite of mine, before it even became a hit. It’s one of those songs that I can never manage to get tired of. The storyline is so hopeful. This song would suit anything you had on your culinary menu 🙂

Bloodstream by Stateless

This song is from the Vampire Diaries Soundtrack and it’s incredibly groovy! This song would go well with a nice risotto – you can sway as you stir 🙂


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