About Me

Welcome to Uforic Food.

Here I hope to share with you my love for food and cooking, and in doing that, help busy people like you get into the kitchen and cook quick, easy and tasty meals without the need to rely on horrible, expensive fast food and pre-packaged stuff from the supermarket.

My recipes will help you get a meal on the table, whether you are juggling small children, a busy workload and late meetings, or if you ferry your teenage kids to soccer, footy, ballet etc seemingly every night of the week. Even people without kids and a hectic social life and hobbies have trouble finding time to cook. I’m hoping my recipes will not only help you feed you and your family – but make the whole process a pleasure as well.

So now, you know about the blog … I’ll tell you a little bit about me.

My name is Lisa Foreman, I’m 27 and live in Geelong, near Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in the tropical paradise that is Darwin, Northern Territory. I have an amazing finacee Matt, who graciously supports me, no matter what hair-brain idea I have, and most importantly, he confesses to loving my cooking! We have a gorgeous and loyal dog named Angel and a fiesty kitty cat called Gus.

Matt and I cutting the cake at our engagemnt party in May 2011

I have worked as a journalist in NSW and Melbourne and am currently working in communications for a community organisation. 

My two passions in life are, somewhat predictably, writing and food.

Cooking has been a great passion of mine ever since I was a little girl. Every night I would watch my mum cook dinner, and try and remember everything she did. I would often help her and when mum got busy with her business – I began, at the young age of 10, to cook most of our family meals.

This was seldom ever a chore for me. I started off using packets and jars to create stir-frys and things like that. For a long time, steak with this special sauce I created using every different sauce bottle in the pantry from barbecue and tomato to soy and canned tomatoes was considered by my brother to be a specialty of mine. On reflection, I’m sure it tasted pretty horrible – but mum, dad and Dave would sit down to it once a week with no complaints – if anything, there was always plenty of encouragement.

By the time I was 14, after deciding that I wanted to leave school and be a chef, my dad convinced me to do a course in hospitality as part of my year 10 studies. That’s when I quickly realised that real cooking wasn’t about opening jars of simmer sauce and adding it to meat and chopped vegies.

But, surprisingly, it did two very different things for me. It confirmed in my head how passionate I was about food and ingredients – and how much I DID NOT want to be a chef. While I worked with lots of yummy food, learnt heaps about cooking, ingredients and flavours – I also realised during my one-day-a-week course that you have to have a super thick skin when working with chefs, not mind being surrounded by four walls and no windows and like washing dishes in scoldingly hot water. I’m just not cut out for that! 

But I do love home cooking – where you don’t have to fuss too much, but get to sit down to a meal that is delicious without spending 4 hours in the kitchen chopping and preparing. It can be done, and I hope my recipes help to make your life just a little easier … and tastier too 🙂

Cooking is fun … it’s your time to relax with a glass of wine, you favourite music and enjoy the process!

Don’t forget to hit subscribe at the top of the page to receive regular updates and recipes from Uforic Food. It’d be great to have you on board. Alternatively, email me at uforicfood@yahoo.com and I’d be happy to add you to the list 🙂



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