Market update #1:Water and rain devastates farmers, banana prices skyrocket

Natural disasters, including the floods in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, as well as Cyclone Yasi have directly or indirectly effected everyone in Australia, whether you have battled the water and winds first hand, know someone who has, or been touched by the stories you have read and seen on the news.

Another group of people who have been horribly effected by these tragic events are our farmers – the people who grow our food.

Because of this, we have already begun to notice food prices rising – with 70 per cent of the banana crops in Queensland flattened by Yasi – it’s not unexpected.

The floods have also caused havoc for fruit and vegie growers, and in many cases not only have we seen a change in quality of our fresh produce, but we have also seen the prices climb.

My brother, Dave Foreman knows this first hand, as the owner of a fruit, vegetable and gourmet food shop – Anglesea Fruitz.

He has all the inside knowledge on everything that is fresh produce, and so Dave and I are going to join forces with his knowledge of the industry and my passion for food, cooking and writing, to bring you the latest updates from the markets.

We’ll tell you why your produce doesn’t look quite as it used to before the floods and wind hit, why the prices are high, when the best time is to buy and what is coming into season. I’ll also have plenty of great recipes to help you take advantage of the produce that is best in quality and price. You will see that eating seasonally is not only going to ensure you are eating the yummiest fruit and veg – it’ll also help you save some dollars too.

“At the moment the prices of bananas for me is about $60 a box, a doubling in price overnight  and there is limited supply” Dave said.

“It’s not a bad idea that if you find a good price, stock up on the greenest bananas you can find and keep them at between 10 and 11 degrees to prolong their life.”

Dave said other fruit to be effected includes avocado, all melons, pineapple, mango, paw paw and papaya – basically anything tropical.

“Get down to your local greengrocer now and stock up before it gets worse,” he said.

We also want to highlight that supporting your local growers and fruit and vegetable shops is the way to go. With shortages across the country right now due to the floods, and now Cyclone Yasi, large retail chains are looking to import fruit and vegetables from overseas.

Our local producers may be struggling – but this is a time when they need our support the most. So make a stand – don’t buy from large retailers that choose to important. If it’s not in season or in good condition locally – buy something else that is and support our farmers by shopping at your local greengrocer, farmers markets etc.

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Be Inspired~


Lisa Foreman is a former journalist, now a passionate lover of food, cooking and writing.

Dave Foreman is the owner of fruit, vegetable and gourmet food shop, Anglesea Fruitz, on the Great Ocean Rd at Anglesea, Victoria. He is also Lisa’s brother.


About Lisa Mary Foreman @ Uforic Food

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  1. This is a fabulous idear… People need to know what the chains will do to make a dollar.. But we pay for it at the check out.. I Support the local grower and I dont mind paying a little more for it…. The Quality is superb, the taste is awsome and I feel GREAT, cos I am not sending my money overseas, to people that dont know even where Aust is ………….. Aussie aussie oi oi oi

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