Your last meal … what would your menu be?

I hope I’m never in the position where I have to choose my last meal … but I have often thought about what the menu would be like if I knew I was about to consume my last dinner on this planet.

I recently read an article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, where they asked celebrity cook/chef Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal what their menu would be for their last supper, who would cook it and who they would share it with.

This is what these chefs – who I’m sure have tasted more food than any of us Average Joes could ever dream of – selected for their departing menu. Now I must disclose that this article was written in 2007 – so their tastes may have changed, but I still think it was very interesting. 

 Gordon Ramsay 

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Ramsay told the Guardian:

I would start with golden caviar from the albino sturgeon served with an ice-cold bowl of tomato consomm. I cant think of a more exquisite way to start a meal. To follow, a wonderful fillet of Aberdeen Angus beef, studded with black Perigord truffles and perfectly roasted, served with the ultimate indulgence pomme pure de Joel Robuchon, with grated white Alba truffle. Dessert would be a chocolate fondant with white milk ice cream. He said the starter would be cooked by Alain Ducasse, main course by Joel Robuchon and dessert by his wife, Tana Ramsay – so they can eat it together. Awww, how sweet!

Somehow this menu wreaks with arrogance … I wonder why that is? LOL I was touched by the fact he said he would share it with his wife and kids – but after recent scandals in the marital department, who knows if he was being truthful. 

An interesting menu, none the less.

Now, onto the chef/science extraordinaire …  


Heston Blumenthal

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Blumenthal told the Guardian:

Originally I thought of a huge banquet so it would last a very long time. You know, Charles II once had a banquet for five people, which consisted of 173 courses. One course comprised 15 desserts and another seven puffins, or something like that. It would probably take a lifetime to finish so realistically, if it was my last ever supper, it would probably be Sunday lunch with roast potatoes.

 What a surprising choice for a chef that is all about bringing science and preciseness into the kitchen! He also said he would cook it himself, with his family, so they could all spend time together. Sounds perfect!

Nigella Lawson

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She told the Guardian:

Linguine alle vongole, made al bianco, thats to say, no tomatoes, just pasta, oil, a little chilli, garlic, clams, white wine and parsley. Followed by lemony roast chicken, creamed spinach, petits pois la franaise and a fennel salad, with chips, roast potatoes and mash (last meal – why worry about the carbs?) then a wodge of gorgonzola so ripe its about to walk. And the worlds best toffees, Salvators from Fouquet, Paris (Rue Francoise 1er). 

While I can just see Nigella bundled up in bed, in one of her silky dressing gowns, eating the pasta out of the frying pan she cooked it in and munching on a chicken drumstick as she unwarps one of those yummy toffees (God that woman can eat! Love that!) – she generously said she would not only cook it herself, with her children there to lend a hand, but that she’d share it with them too 🙂

So now you know what these ultimate foodies would eat for their last meal – what would you have for yours? Who would cook it and who would you want to share it with?

As for my last meal – and this might sound like weird combinations – but hey, I want to get in all the things I love!

Starter: Seafood soup with white wine, tomatoes, olive oil and basil – By Neil Perry

Main: Hot chicken curry, with yogurt raita – the recipe is by no other than  Jamie Oliver (it’s a very early one from his Naked Chef books)

Desert: Now you aren’t allowed to laugh – but I’d have chocolate mousse – made by restaurant Mexican Graffiti in Geelong, Australia. Who would have thought you could get such amazing mousse from a Mexican restauant!! My brother got me onto this and trust me on this, once you have tasted it, you’ll be left wanting more!

As for who I would share it with – well, that’s easy! Matt, and everyone else that I love. My family, Matt’s family – and all my wonderful, caring friends. While the food would be amazing – the company would be even better!

Share your dream last supper in the comments section below. Can’t wait to read what mouth-watering delights you come up with!

Be Inspired~




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